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Having twenty years of pastoral church ministry experience and through working with church plants and super-mega churches, Freddy has the depth and breadth to encourage your congregation to go to the next level. Be it leading a retreat with a couple dozen people, a men’s event, or a conference addressing audiences of several thousands on a large platform, he knows what it takes to call people to action. Because of having lived in communities of all sizes– Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas-Fort Worth, suburban Kansas City, and small towns in rural Appalachia, Freddy knows how to connect with people of all backgrounds.
As a pastor and professor, Freddy has spent years helping equip today’s leaders. He currently serves as the leader of a seminary ministry department and as a strategic lay leader at Saddleback Church in Irvine, California. Through these ministries and other travel opportunities, Freddy equips church leaders and staff members on a weekly basis. This involves regular travel through various places far and wide.
Freddy has worked extensively in various forms of media using a host of media platforms and programs. He does both production and some post-production work in rich media/video, audio, and writing projects. He has written a book, completed journal articles, penned book chapters, and has recorded well over 100 video sessions in a host of locations with large and small production teams. To learn more about partnering on possible projects, contact him below.

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Dr. Freddy Cardoza

13800 Biola Avenue, Feinberg Suite 124, La Mirada, California (USA) 90639

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